In Namangan measures have been taken against violators illegally dumping garbage
04. 2024

In Namangan region, through online surveillance cameras, the Central Department of Dispatching and Online Monitoring of the Ministry of Ecology has taken measures for a number of violations related to dumping garbage in the wrong places.

In particular, illegal dumping of garbage was detected in the Ilgor mahalla in Namangan city. A protocol was drawn up against the violator under part 1 of Article 91 of the AC and a fine of 3 BCV – 1 million 20 thousand sums was imposed.

It also became known that in the territory of the mahallas "Ilgor", "Sardoba", "Isfarkhan", "Hakikat" citizens dumped garbage in the wrong places. An administrative protocol has been drawn up against violators in accordance with Part 1 of Article 91 of the Administrative Code. Each of them was fined in the amount of 1 BCV - 340 thousand sums.

For information, it is planned to install online surveillance cameras in all regions of our republic. They make it possible to identify not only illegal landfills, but also other types of environmental violations and take timely measures.

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