"Environmental monitoring" in Akkurgan district of Tashkent region
02. 2019

In the course of preventive measures conducted on February 10, 2019, inspectors of the Inspectorate for Control in the Field of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the State Committee on Ecology in the Akkurgan district of the Tashkent region identified the places of unauthorized dumping of household and construction waste.

In connection with what, on February 14 of this year. The State Committee on Ecology organized environmental monitoring in 8 mahalla citizens' assemblies. The event was attended by 150 people, including employees of the central office of the State Committee on Ecology, the Department of Ecology of the Tashkent region, the khokimiyat and the Department of Public Services of Akkurgan District, as well as the local population. To carry out work on the removal of waste, dozens of units of special equipment were involved.

According to the results of the environmental event, about 120 tons were taken out of the “Birlik”, “S. Rakhimov”, “S. Sekizboev”, “Kushtepa”, “Usta Normat”, “Gulistan”, “Zarafshan” and “Suvti” makhallas - household and construction waste, which were placed on special landfills.


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